Sunday, May 6, 2012

Short Post and a Song #1: Telepaths who don't understand sarcasm

I was just thinking, "Wow, I wish my neighbors would turn their music up EVEN LOUDER." A few seconds later, they obliged.

Now I'm pretty sure my neighbors are telepaths who don't understand sarcasm.


"Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift


I’m not usually a big Taylor Swift fan, but I like this song a lot. It helps that I adore The Civil Wars and they feature in “Safe and Sound.” It’s also been in my head all week, and I would like to do you the service of passing that torture on to you.

Go forth, my young ones. Sing this song all the time, but only learn these lyrics (all caps indicate you should scream these words in a high-pitched screech): “Just close your EYES, lalalalalala. You’ll be all RIGHT, lalalalalalala, Come morning LIGHT, you and I’ll be safe and SOOOOOUUUUNNNNDDD.”

Your significant others will love you all the more for it.


  1. Synergy starts with an "S" too! So clearly it's all mad cohesive. Screw anyone who says otherwise.

    Been reading since the Neil Gaiman post. You are one funny lady--keep it up!

    1. Hahaha, very good point! And thanks so much for the kind words.