Sunday, November 6, 2016

Short Post and a Song #97: He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

He's the hero this drugstore deserves, but not the one it needs right now.


"Ramble On" by Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin has been one of my favorite bands since high school. But as a music nerd who likes to know more than any reasonable person would want to know about the bands she listens to, I quickly learned that Led Zeppelin partially (and often entirely) lifted the music and lyrics for several of their most famous songs from other artists.

Does it bug me that one of the world's most revered rock bands couldn't be bothered to come up with original songs, or even credit the other artists they were ripping off? Yes. But it does make me feel slightly better to imagine that the Lord of the Rings reference in "Ramble On" is the only bit of original lyrics they ever wrote, and that Led Zeppelin were really just enormous nerds who became rock stars so they could finally lose their virginity.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Short Post and a Song #96: Though I do like imagining what sort of ungodly hair their children would have.

Last night I dreamed that Jack White kept singing the "Why don't you kick yourself out?/You're an immigrant too" part of "Icky Thump" at Donald Trump over and over again and Jack White just kept getting closer and closer to Trump, more and more in his face, and then they started making out, and then I woke up grateful for the fact that I usually don't remember my dreams.


"Icky Thump" by the White Stripes

Today's song choice seemed pretty obvious. This is the second time ever that Short Post and Song has actually been cohesive. I'm glad I got to two before I hit 100.

Happy Sunday everyone, and let's hope I never remember my dreams again!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Short Post and a Song #95: Death is weird and scary and kind of boring. Also here's a political meme.

Me: I emailed my friend a few days ago and haven't heard back.

Camp Danwhere: Maybe she's dead.

Me: She posted on Facebook recently.

Dan Burton: ...Ghost?

Me: It would be amazing if the way people realized ghosts were real was because ghosts started posting shit on Facebook.


"This Charming Man" by the Smiths

You may know the Smiths as kill-yourself music, or at least be-weirdly-okay-with-the-idea-of-dying music, but from time to time the band also produced fun, dancey tracks like this one.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Short Post and a Song #94: The State of the Internet

*hears joke about something he or she personally cares about*

Internet Person: How DARE that monster insult the _________ community like that?

*hears joke about something he or she does NOT personally care about*

Internet Person: Sheesh, people need to learn how to take a joke.


"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by Regina Spektor

Last week I saw Kubo and the Two Strings and have had trouble shutting up about how great it was ever since. The movie not only included some of the most beautiful stop-motion animation I've ever seen, but was also one of the most engaging and tightly-written films I've seen in years. If it's still playing somewhere near you, I would highly recommend seeing it on the big screen.

This delightful cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" was used in Kubo's trailer and (epic) end credits. Regina Spektor uses just the right amount of restraint--that I didn't automatically recognize a voice as distinctive as hers says a lot. The instrumentals are great as well, and remind me of my other favorite cover of this song. 

P.S. I know in my last Short Post and a Song I said that this feature was moving permanently to my Tumblr. But I already have a Twitter account I spend too much time playing with, and one can only have so many Internet Things before they run out of time for Actual Things and have to live on canned beans and start selling their belongings on eBay. 

So Short Post and Song is staying put, at least for now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'm inclined to agree with Lady on the Train #3.

Subway Announcer: The next stop will be Times Square-42nd Street with transfers available to the 2, 3, A, C, E, N, Q, R, and 7 trains. Transfers are also available for the shuttle to Grand Central. 


Subway Announcer: If I may make another announcement: The true meaning of a relationship is two people who never give up on each other.

*Brief Silence*

Me: Did he just...?

Lady on the Train #1: Yeah, that just happened.

Lady on the Train #2: It's a nice sentiment ... just weird time and place.

Lady on the Train #3: His ex-girlfriend has gotta be somewhere on this train.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Short Post and a Song #93: Très chic

I've been considering changing my profile picture on here to this gem of a photograph. I believe it encapsulates my individuality quite well. Thoughts??:

Très chic, non?


"Memories" by Panic! At The Disco

I was OBSESSED with Panic! At The Disco in high school. I knew the words to each and every song on their first album and had a crush on Brendon Urie so fierce that I still can't say I've totally let go of it.

But then with college came my determination to finally be a "cool girl". Some of my closer friends knew of my fervent PATD love, but around others I played up my love of classic rock while my other more "immature" musical tastes fell by the wayside.

But now I've reached the point where I'm willing to just say it: I FUCKING LOVE PANIC! AT THE DISCO. Ahhhh, that felt good. Cathartic.

You observant Velocininjas may have noticed that I stopped blogging for roughly seven months, then abruptly started blogging again. I was going through some rough times, guys. If you would like more information about those rough times, follow me on Twitter and scroll way, way down to around June 23rd onward. There you'll find what I've begun referring to in my mind as the Great Twittersplosion of 2015. 

Just, if you do read all 8,000 words of it, make sure to read the replies. Don't get me wrong: it's all a big batch of crazy either way, but things make at least MORE coherent sense if you read the replies.

I also wanted to announce that this will be the last Short Post and a Song on this blog. Don't start weeping and carrying on just yet, though. I DO plan to keep doing Short Post and a Song, but from now on it will live on my Tumblr, where I am currently posting the pages of my very first hardcover book. 

P.S. The book is entitled Amerex: Land of the Unicorns and I wrote it at age eleven. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Short Post and a Song #92: Victory Litter

Dude, congrats on selling your house. Seriously. My parents have been trying to do that for YEARS and have had no luck whatsoever.

However, your victory in the arena of house-selling does not give you a free pass on littering:

Are those signs even biodegradable??


"Fairy Tail Main Theme" by Taylor Davis and Lara de Wit


If you love great anime, great violin, and great piano, then HOO BOY NELLIE you are in for a treat tonight! The first fifty or so episodes of Fairy Tail, which features some of the best English dubbing you will ever have the pleasure of hearing, are on Netflix. 

To you SAO fans, why YES, that is the lovely Cherami Leigh (AKA Asuna AKA the coolest female ever to walk the anime earth (though Erza of Fairy Tail gives her a run for her money)) doing Lucy Heartfilia's voice.