Sunday, June 9, 2013

Short Post and a Song #56: This is the gift that hipsters give to the world.

Every day when I wake up in the morning in Brooklyn, I know, without a doubt, that no matter what I choose to wear, there will be several people out there who look FAR more ridiculous than I do. So what if my shoes don't match my dress? At least I'm not wearing twelve scarves in eighty degree weather and a pair of stripey glasses I can't see out of.

So thank you for that, hipsters. It takes a lot of pressure off, honestly.


"Sloom" by Of Monsters and Men

Yep, I've featured Of Monsters and Men ONCE AGAIN. This is partly because right after I made a big deal about featuring the band three times on the blog, I turned right around and featured Florence + the Machine for the third time. 

So of course you can see why I had to feature a fourth song by Of Monsters and Men.

My other reason for featuring this band is that I'm SEEING them in concert the day after tomorrow. (!!!!!) My cousins and I will be on the lawn where we won't be able to see a damned thing, but I'm still just so excited to be in the presence of their beautiful, whimsical music live.

P.S. I lied in my earlier post when I said all the Moorhouse-y songs were strung together at the begininning of My Head is an Animal. "Sloom" is one of the later tracks on the album, and it's one of the Moorhouse-iest of the bunch.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Short Post and a Song #55: Seriously, I don't know what they expect us to be able to keep in there. A stick of Juicy Fruit won't even fit in most lady pockets.

Dear designers of women's jeans, pants, and shorts:

I would like pockets into which I could fit more than two Skittles, a button, and a piece of string. 

K, thanks, bye.


"Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall" by The Ink Spots feat. Bill Kenny and Ella Fitzgerald

Here's a golden oldie for you Velocininjas today, all the way back from 1944. This song helped me figure out some important character/relationship development stuff in Moorhouse, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

I know I skipped a Short Post and a Song, and that this one is a few days late. It's a wonder that there hasn't been total anarchy and rioting in the streets as a result. 

So here's a consolation color sketch of three of the monsters in Moorhouse. Longtime readers may recognize earlier incarnations of these critters. Shorttime readers should not expect a beautiful work of art, since that is not how we do things here:

From left to right: Mazkin, Peebles, and Dotted-Line Jack.

Blogging will continue to be even spottier than before until I finish the book, I'm afraid.

But in the meantime, please enjoy the music and the monsters.