Sunday, May 12, 2013

Short Post and a Song #53: The Makeup Conundrum

Guy: Ugh, women are so annoying with their makeup. Why can't they realize that they'd all be so much more beautiful without it? 

(Sees a woman who is legitimately not wearing any makeup.) 

Guy: Are you feeling all right, ma'am? You look SUPER tired. 


"Over the Love" by Florence + the Machine

I wish I could say this song's significance to me had anything to do with The Great Gatsby. It is, after all, my favorite book if I gun-to-my-head had to have a favorite. I also got to be one of the first to report on the movie, out this weekend, back when it was just a twinkle in Baz Luhrmann's eye.

But no. The reason I'm featuring "Over the Love" this week is because I was writing what will probably be the creepiest scene in Moorhouse (top five at least), and the only way I could get through it was by listening to this and "Seven Devils" over and over on a never-ending loop. It turns out that Florence + the Machine suits demonic dolls and psychotic robot monsters quite well. Is anyone surprised?

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