What does "Velociraptor Hands" mean?

It's actually a reference to my novel Viable (formerly Renaissance Lab), which I explain in this post:


Also Microsoft Word, Twitter, and Facebook all fail to recognize that "velociraptor" is a real word. They assault each and every "velociraptor" I type with their cruel, jagged red lines. These hate crimes against the memory of such fantastic creatures cannot be allowed to go on. 

It is my goal to build velociraptor awareness. If just one person walks away from this blog knowing velociraptors once gloriously walked the earth, I will consider my job done. 

Where did you get the velociraptor image on your header? It's awesome. It looks like he's dancing.

Right? Doesn't it look like he's dancing? His name is Horatio.

I got the picture from this site:

At the bottom of that blog, it says all images used on the blog are believed to be in the public domain. 

But if that is your velociraptor picture, please tell me. If you can paint a similar velociraptor, I will pay you all kinds of dollars to be allowed to keep Horatio. Or I will just buy the new painting from you, since you went to all that trouble anyway. 

No matter what, velociraptors will continue to dance on this blog. Somehow, someway.

How old are you?

I am twenty-nine years old. 

Well, you're just a young'un! And yet it seems from your blog that you've had like a million different jobs since you graduated from college. How does that timing work out?

Only one of those jobs was full-time so I did a couple of them at once. I also graduated from college when I was twenty. I took a lot of advanced math and science in high school, mostly because I desperately didn't want to take even harder math and science classes in college. So all I really had to take at NYU were English and Language courses. 

Not a bad deal in the end. I spent less money on school, and I get to look much smarter than I actually am.

Why are you always calling your boyfriend weird things like Danmander, and Tiny Dancer, and the Artist Formerly Known as Young Daniel?

Because Dan didn't know a good thing when he had it.

And lastly, do you really believe people's favorite ice cream flavors reveal what kind of people they are?

I absolutely do. If you would pick pistachio ice cream out of every other possible ice cream in the world, I feel sorry for you. Really? That's your favorite? You just don't believe you deserve the good things in life, do you?

And you rum raisin lovers: I have nothing to say to you.

P.S. Can I see a picture of you and Dan?

Sure! Dan's even wearing a fancy dress shirt for you.



  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAAHA! You are too awesome for words :D

    1. Thanks so much! I agree that I am best described by velociraptor roars and pterodactyl screams.