Sunday, August 31, 2014

Short post and a Song #82: We have a fish at my office, and it's really fucking with my head.

Spending Labor Day weekend at the lake house has made me wonder what happens to the fish who go back to their fish families with hooks forever lodged in their lips. Are they shunned for their deformity, or embraced as the cool badasses with lip rings who have seen a thing or two?


"The Vitamin String Quartet at the 2012 NAMM Show Breakfast Sessions"

I haven't blogged in a while, I know, so today you get four songs instead of one! I featured these guys a while ago but have since gotten into them in a big way. Not gonna lie, if that lady violinist was like, "Run away with me, Jillian," Obi Dan Kenobi and I might have to have a talk. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Short Post and a Song #81: How the subway is making me a terrible person.

On the 5 train I saw a woman who was holding the pole by looping both her arms around it, somewhat like my old friend from the F.

But while Rude Subway Girl just didn't give a fuck, this woman obviously gave many fucks. Her fucks just didn't happen to have anything to do with the subway. 

She was slumped over the pole with her face bowed and pushed right up against her phone. One of her hands cradled her head, as though she couldn't stand the effort of holding it up.

Instead of maybe wanting to help this poor, beleaguered woman, I spent the entire ride thinking at her:

"Look, I can tell you're going through some shit right now. But you need to GET OVER IT and hold the pole properly."


"Shelter Song" by Temples

I got to see these guys for free in the city last week and was impressed by both their musical acumen and extreme Britishness. If every one of these guys doesn't dream of telling the audience that they are the BEAT-uls, I will eat my hat.