Sunday, October 21, 2012

Short Post and a Song #24: Old Wooden Eyes

A fellow trying to sell me “free” spa care on the street paid me a rather bizarre compliment in an attempt to lure me in:

“Hey there, miss, are those your real eyes?”

I said nothing and walked away quickly, as is my usual practice with the many sidewalk salesmen that litter Manhattan’s busiest streets. But I did feel very tempted to tell him that no, I lost my eyes in the Battle of Gettysburg, and these ones are made out of wood.


“Girl With One Eye” by Florence + the Machine

I imagine this song playing at that exact moment at the end of a thriller or horror movie when you realize, “Oh, fuck. EVIL HAS WON.” Like you see Grandma Sue giving a particularly creepy smile, and you know that the demonic ghost didn’t REALLY die when Sally did—it just hopped onto the nearest body to possess. Or when Lola, after Lady Macbething the crap out of a bunch of gangsters and subtly convincing them to kill each other, wraps a scarf around her hair and drives her convertible into the sunset with a trunk full of stolen diamonds.


  1. Awesome song, also, are you actually a homestuck fan or was that just where you grabbed the video from?

    1. I love the animation in this video but am not too familiar with homestuck, no.