Sunday, October 7, 2012

Short Post and a Song #22: Landlord of Party Central

I just want to take a second to thank a certain pencil-wielding vandal who lives in my building for what he or she did to a sign on the wall beside the elevator: 

Now whenever I'm waiting for the elevator, I get to imagine a landlord welcoming a new tenant to a building and saying something like this:

"Every night there is ABSOLUTELY drinking, smoking, or hanging around the staircase. This is mandatory. If you fail to do at least one of those things, we will evict you. Now go forth and party on, my friend."


"Falling" by The Civil Wars

I mentioned my enormous love for The Civil Wars in my very first Short Post and a Song, but have never actually featured one of their songs on this blog. Joy Williams and John Paul White are incredibly talented and have some of the best performance chemistry I've ever seen. All their songs are great (and I don't say that lightly) but I've been attached to this one lately due to its haunting melody. My dark fantasy WIP is kind of taking over my life at the moment (in a good way) so don't be surprised if the songs continue to be a little on the creepy side in the coming weeks. Let's just pretend it's a Halloween theme, yeah?

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