Sunday, October 14, 2012

Short Post and a Song #23: What freelance writers really want Yelp to tell them.

It’s nice that this cafe twelve blocks from my apartment has a "quirky atmosphere" and "exquisite Sweet Potato pound cake." But are there more than two outlets for the café’s thirty customers to share? Is the café’s Wi-Fi pretty consistent, or is it spotty? Are the chairs comfy, or of the rigid, scoliosis-creating variety?

Tell me THAT, Yelp.


"La Foule" by Edith Piaf

In keeping with my vaguely intentional Creepy Songs theme for October, I give you "La Foule" by Edith Piaf. I chose this particular video of a live 1984 performance since it provides a translation of the lyrics into English and also displays Edith Piaf's unbelievable stage presence. The song is about a woman and man who are pushed together by a crowd of people, but then that same crowd tears the two apart. Listening to this song makes me think of whirling through a carnival at night; intoxicated and happy but also terrified of what surprises the evening might bring. 

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