Sunday, May 20, 2012

Short Post and a Song #3: In which I officially call PETA to the aid of Dan Harmon's Community

Putting Community on Fridays and firing Dan Harmon rather than just cancelling the show is like throwing rocks at a wounded dog as it tries to cross the street. Either do something to help the dog, or put the poor thing out of its misery.

I think the moral of this metaphor is clear: The people who made these decisions are animal-haters.

PETA, do your worst.


"I Want Some More" by Dan Auerbach

You guys may remember from this post that I am a big Black Keys fan. One half of that band, singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach, also makes some very great music all on his own that is a bit bluesier than what he does with the Black Keys. I have a hard time listening to this song without dancing like a fool. For once my song choice is ever so vaguely related to the short post above. I know that when Dan Auerbach sings he wants "some more," he's talking about sexy times with his candy store lady friend. But today these lyrics make me think about how I want some more Community by the guy who is known to be the driving creative force behind the show. I could've made my peace with the show being cancelled. It wasn't making money and the producer himself has admitted he's not the best manager. But the thought of Dan Harmon having to watch his weird, wonderful baby morph into some Happy Endings clone from afar gives me all kinds of writerly sympathy pains.

This one goes out to you, man.

P.S. In case y'alls haven't seen it, here's the Tumblr post Dan Harmon wrote after being replaced as showrunner on Community:

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