Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Short Post and a Song #35 (and some additional ramblings): I bet the Breakfast Club went on to become Bender's own little squad of Space Monkeys.

Warning: I'm about to give away the end of the movie Fight Club. If you have not seen or read Fight Club, I recommend that you immediately do both—preferably movie before book. Then I want you to come back and be disappointed that you did all that work for a joke that wasn't even that amusing and was really more about the movie The Breakfast Club anyway. I'll be waiting here patiently.

There's a scene in the movie The Breakfast Club where assistant principal Mr. Vernon asks student Bender to hit him. And it made me think of the scene in Fight Club where Brad Pitt asks Edward Norton to hit him as hard as he can. And then I wondered that if Bender had hit Mr. Vernon as hard as he could, would The Breakfast Club have turned into Fight Club? Both movie titles have the word "Club" in them. Both feature oddball brunettes with too much eyeliner. They're practically the same movie already.

What if Bender and Mr. Vernon were the same person the whole time? 


"The Violet Hour" by The Civil Wars

Here's another Civil Wars song for you because they are my favorites. This one doesn't have any lyrics—just piano, guitar, and violin. There's something haunting and sad in this tune, which suits Moorhouse perfectly. 

I've been working on my WIP a lot. I know I've been saying that for a while now, but it's never stopped being true. "Work" has just often translated to making piles of mediocre drawings of monsters and endless lists rather than writing the actual novel itself. 

The "actually writing the novel" part of the work didn't start in earnest until somewhat recently. Now it's hit me like a train ... which is why I took down the prologue I briefly previewed on this blog. 

When I'm coming up with a new idea, I love to talk about it with whoever will have me. I am deeply indebted to the friends and family who allow me to talk their ears off about the ideas bouncing around in my head in the early days of a story. I figure out my ideas through talking and am very grateful that Steely Dan and others don't mind listening.

Eventually I reach a certain point with a book, though, that I don't want to talk about it anymore. I become satisfied with my plan (or lack thereof, as has been the way of this novel) and suddenly talking about the book goes from a helpful tool to a possible hindrance. There was a time for discussion, for planning, but now is the time for action. You don't map out a plan of attack, charge onto the battlefield, then sit down and start discussing the plan all over again. You face the attack and adapt as well as you can to the unexpected. You have faith in your plan and yourself and focus on getting through to the other side.

Please don't mistake my battle metaphor for an implication that my book isn't going well and has been this great trial. I was just trying to make writing sound more badass than it really is. The book's been going well—I do miss writing more than a handful of lines on the blog every week, though. Blogging activity will continue to be on the lesser side for the next few months, but I'm hoping to sneak attack you with a few legitimate posts in the interim.

P.S. Sorry this is a few days late. The combination of two weeks in Ohio followed immediately by my cousin visiting left me unable to get my shit together until now. I know a fairy dies every time I post a Short Post and a Song on a day that does not begin with the letter "S," and for that I am truly sorry.

P.P.S. Never mind. Apparently I wasn't clear on the rules of what kills fairies and what doesn't. I'm pretty sure we're actually okay on this one.


  1. I'm glad your book is going well! I do miss your regular posts but the old ones are great in the meantime. I hadn't heard this Mumford and Sons song before--so good.

    1. Thanks so much! You Velocninjas have been so supportive, it's amazing. I promise to pay you back with all sorts of long, ridiculous posts once I've recovered from this pesky case of Book-Writing.

      Also I have totally commented on the wrong blog post before and it makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one :)

  2. Fuck, I meant, the song in your next post. Love the Civil Wars too, though.