Sunday, January 13, 2013

Short Post and a Song #36: No one sits in the Bartlet's chair but the Bartlet.

Aaron Sorkin wrote the movie The American President in 1995 before he created The West Wing in 1999. In The American President, Martin Sheen plays the Chief of Staff to Michael Douglas’s President Andrew Shepherd.

In The West Wing, conversely, Martin Sheen plays President Josiah Bartlet, deliverer of booming, inspiring speeches, defender of children, and patriot king of men.

The American President is a fine movie and all, but I spent the whole time expecting Martin Sheen to tell Michael Douglas to get the hell out of his chair.


"Hopeless Wanderer" by Mumford and Sons

"Hopeless Wanderer" is a song I heard a few times while writing before I bothered to look up the lyrics or think very hard about what the song meant at all. I would just smile when it popped up on my playlist, happy to hear the song with the awesome banjos again. 

When I finally did look up the lyrics, it made me love the song exponentially more. I know every member of Mumford and Sons can play ten million and twelve instruments, but these dudes are poets are heart, every one of them.

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