Sunday, September 9, 2012

Short Post and a Song #18: Squirrels Are Everywhere

On my way back from my morning coffee run, I saw a young boy and his father standing in the middle of the sidewalk. The boy looked plainly terrified and his dad was trying to comfort him. When I passed by, I overheard this exchange:

Dad: I don't think there are many squirrels around here, bud. I think we're safe.

Son: We're NOT! Squirrels are everywhere.


"Jack's Lament" by Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman composed the music AND did all of Jack Skellington's singing in The Nightmare Before Christmas, forever cementing his place in history as Musical Badass Extraordinaire. The entire soundtrack is on my WIP's playlist and the sadness of this song goes straight to my heartstrings each time it plays. The clay animation in this clip is also just stunning. 

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