Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear Moorhouse rough draft,

Oh, my dear, the times we have had together! I bet you’re laughing now at those na├»ve comments I made in the early days about how you would be “done in just a few months” since you were “just a kids’ book.”

Comments like those really must have pissed you off, because you went on to take months and months and months—two years from when I first had the idea. You beat me up good, making me wonder at regular intervals if I was good enough to write you. But I kept fighting back one sad little monster sketch at a time.

And now I have vanquished you. You’re still all out of order, like a Picasso painting with your nose where your chin should be. But you’re done and down for the count.

In a few days I’ll get to work un-Picasso-ifying your face. But for now I’m watching a ton of Parks and Recreation and eating victory peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

(I would have victory ice cream, but my battles with you have left me too lazy to go to the store.)

Love always, 


  1. Congrats, Jilly! And it's one great rough draft Picosoesque as it may be.

    Your Anonymous Mom