Sunday, March 24, 2013

Short Post and a Song #46: I Swear

I wonder if the novel I'm working on should be subtitled: Children Drinking Delicious Beverages. There's hella tasty beverages up in this bitch.

P.S. I don’t swear in the actual novel, I swear.

P.P.S. Fuck, phrasing.

P.P.P.S Goddamn it, parents, you know what I mean.


"Girl Is On My Mind" by The Black Keys

There are some people who shall remain nameless (ahem, hipsters) who would automatically put the Black Keys down as being too mainstream or "generically enjoyable." I don't know what that means either; don't ask me. 

To those people I say a polite but earnest SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH. Just because a band has hit success and managed to make a dime or two off their work doesn't mean that they don't still have something important and special to contribute to music. Contrary to the popular belief that rock stars live off booze and a cocktail of hallucinogenics and pills, they actually need food and shelter to survive—both of which cost money. 

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