Sunday, March 10, 2013

Short Post and a Song #44: Some writerly advice to my writer bros.

Don’t obsess about each and every sentence as you write—think of them as puzzle pieces. You can't even begin to think about solving a puzzle until you've got all the pieces, right? So just keep going. 

Then, once you're done, you can pick at and rearrange those pieces to your heart's content.


"Bright Lights" by Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr. sounds how Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan's gay love child would sound if he were cryogenically frozen, woke up in present day with amnesia, and was nursed back to health/retaught to play guitar by the Black Keys. In a word, awesome.

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  1. I concur with the writerly bit. One or a bunch of sentences aren't worth getting hung up on about. By the end of things.. well, I recall one sentence I crafted so carefully, spent so much time fussing on about... And then I edited out that entire chapter much later on.