Sunday, February 24, 2013

Short Post and a Song #42: O'Reilly

Due to this festering case of Book-Writing I've come down with, I failed to get my shit together enough to even manage a Short Post for this week. I'm sorry about that, but until next week, please enjoy these pictures of the nuthatch who flew into my parents' house one night while I was home over the holidays. Despite our efforts to get him to go back outside, he remained in our home for hours until he quite matter-of-factly walked out the back door. I named him O'Reilly.

O'Reilly found himself drawn to the top of the refrigerator.

He also became quite enamored of my mother's artwork. A bird of fine taste.

This picture is blurry and horrible, but can you see him peeking out of the flowers? Aw, O'Reilly. The times we had. I miss you, buddy.


"Your Hands (Together)" by The New Pornographers

If you've been looking for some good music to accompany writing action scenes, look no further: This song is utterly badass. It reminds me a bit of "Eye of the Tiger," except it doesn't instantly bring G.O.B. performing magic on Arrested Development to mind. I haven't decided whether or not that's a good thing, but it does tend to be less distracting while writing as a result. 

The music video is pretty great as well. There are dancing ninjas. 

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