Sunday, July 30, 2017

Short Post and a Song #124: When my eleven-year-old self beats me at writing.

Translation: "I guess so," Jen said. Jenna ate a big dinner and slept in one of the many guest rooms. The next day she took a chariot to Kindors cave. She slowly went into the cave.

"Hello!" She hollered with a shivering voice. Then she saw two glowing, red eyes. Jenna screamed.

"What are you doing in my cave, little one?" Kindor said in a fake sweet voice.

I love that Jenna can just catch a chariot, like a taxi.

Translation: Jenna, sounding braver than she felt, said, "I know what you did to this place and I'm gonna fix it."

"Oh, you are. Well, why don't I just fix you," Kindor said. And he zapped her with his horn. Jenna felt all her happiness flushing out of her. *Obnoxious purple pen in lieu of italics*  Something funny. Something funny, she thought. *Back to equally terrible pencil* Then it hit her. In second grade her grandma picked up one of her classmates and said,

That's right, guys, eleven-year-old Jill stopped in the middle of a sentence and was just like, "Fuck this page, I want a new one".

Unless it's a cliffhanger, and eleven-year-old me was breaking formatting rules to create suspense. If so, well done, younger self. You are probably a much better writer than I am now.


"Montreal -40°C" by Malajube

I am astounded by how much I like this song. Despite the fact that I don't really listen all that closely to lyrics, I still don't usually get into songs in languages I don't understand. (I tried to look up the meaning and this one appears to be about having a big ol' boner for Montreal.) This silly French song is also just not my usual style and borderline obnoxious.

But I can't help it; this song makes me so happy. I can't help bounce-dancing around in my chair whenever I hear it. I think it could work great in the background of an old-friends-having-lots-of-fun-together sort of scene in a movie or show.

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