Sunday, April 21, 2013

Short Post and a Song #50: Twitter and I have a complicated relationship.

Often I log onto Twitter, full of good intentions to tweet. Then I see tweets like this…

Eating a bran muffin! #OhYeah #LOL #muffinsFTW 

…and I just get depressed.


"Cantaloupe Island" by Herbie Hancock and Georgie Herrera

With this video you have the option to skip the opening conversation and go straight to thirteen-year-old Ecuadorian pianist Georgie Herrara jamming with his idol, jazz/funk legend Herbie Hancock. But I HIGHLY recommend that you don't. 

Prior to jamming, Georgie asks Herbie about the tempo of "9 Over Reggae." And Lord, I just love everything about what happens from there. I'm going to assume that Georgie's dad is the one filming, and he just wants so badly for his kid to get to play something with his idol, while Georgie is all "Shut up, Dad!" 

Georgie asks if Herbie will jam with him on this song (that specific performance with Pat Metheny includes amaze-balls piano and guitar solos, by the way).Then it almost seems like Herbie's not going to play with Georgie but then, BAM, no, he DOES! 

Not only that, but Herbie switches places with the kid to let him solo, then switches back to solo again. He not only gave Georgie a chance to jam with someone he looked up to, but also gave him the opportunity to show off his own considerable improvising skills. 

Damn it's nice when hugely talented people turn out to also not be dicks, am I right?

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