Sunday, December 23, 2012

Short Post and a Song #33: Yep, laziness had nothing to do with it.

I failed to prepare a Short Post for today because the world was supposed to end Friday. I will try not to let doomsday predictions guide my blogging decisions in the future.


“Real Rain” by Randy Newman


Rather than pelt you with more of the Christmas music that’s been haunting every store since Thanksgiving, I thought I’d focus on a piece of music that reminds me of my parents. I don’t get to see them very often, and getting a chance to spend some time with them is what makes the holidays special for me. I took a trip with them to Vancouver when I was eleven while my sisters were off at summer camp. One day we went driving in the Whistler Mountains, and the only tape I had to feed the car’s tape player was the Pleasantville soundtrack.

Just as we got to the area with the most beautiful views around us, this track started playing. And now whenever this song comes on while I’m writing, for a second I’m back in that car watching the sun peek through the clouds in rays over the mountains, and hearing my dad saying he was so glad that we hadn’t had any other music to play.

I hope you Velocininjas are enjoying the holiday with your own families, be they biological or just the people you love most. 

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