Saturday, November 3, 2012

This isn't a real post; it's a post-Zombie Apocalypse update. (Shut up. Hurricane Sandy may be as close as I ever get. Don't ruin this for me.)

Hey my Velocininjas. In case any of you were concerned about my well-being in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I just wanted to let you kids know that all is well. Danseph and the Amazing Technocolored Dreamcoat and I have been hanging out in Brooklyn for the past week, him mostly playing computer games, and me watching Friday Night Lights and wishing I could've knocked on Coach and Tami Taylor's door whenever I had problems in high school. 

The worst consequence of the storm for me has been the inability to enter Manhattan. Some of the subways are running again but every point of entry from my neck of Brooklyn is blocked. I only go into the office part-time but it has still been strange spending an entire week on the other side of the East River. 

I probably should have spent this past week catching up on the blog and reading, but I've been reading so much these days I think I'm starting to go cross-eyed. So instead I've been doing some super-secret book-writing, and caring more about imaginary football than I have ever cared about the real thing.

For right now I am focusing more on my book than I am on the blog, and that's not likely to change anytime soon. I'm halfway through a few non-book related posts that I'll slap up here once I've finished them. And I'll keep doing my Short Post and a Song each Sunday. But otherwise there will be less activity on here for the next few months. There's always a certain point in the process of writing a story where I fall pretty hard into it, and writing it is all I want to do. That's where I am at the moment. I hope you'll undertand. I should come back from the book-writing trenches with plenty of advice for you budding writers out there.

Thank you for your patience. I hope everyone's doing well in wake of the storm, and if you're not doing okay I hope you got to see some people kayaking in the streets, because if you don't have power in your apartment you should at least get to see cool shit like that.


  1. Glad you're okay! Also, happy writing - I love the obsessive feeling that ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS WRITE. Best feeling ever.

    1. Thanks! I am very grateful for both the lack of hurricane-related disasters and the book-writing inspiration in my life at the moment :)