Sunday, September 25, 2016

Short Post and a Song #94: The State of the Internet

*hears joke about something he or she personally cares about*

Internet Person: How DARE that monster insult the _________ community like that?

*hears joke about something he or she does NOT personally care about*

Internet Person: Sheesh, people need to learn how to take a joke.


"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by Regina Spektor

Last week I saw Kubo and the Two Strings and have had trouble shutting up about how great it was ever since. The movie not only included some of the most beautiful stop-motion animation I've ever seen, but was also one of the most engaging and tightly-written films I've seen in years. If it's still playing somewhere near you, I would highly recommend seeing it on the big screen.

This delightful cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" was used in Kubo's trailer and (epic) end credits. Regina Spektor uses just the right amount of restraint--that I didn't automatically recognize a voice as distinctive as hers says a lot. The instrumentals are great as well, and remind me of my other favorite cover of this song. 

P.S. I know in my last Short Post and a Song I said that this feature was moving permanently to my Tumblr. But I already have a Twitter account I spend too much time playing with, and one can only have so many Internet Things before they run out of time for Actual Things and have to live on canned beans and start selling their belongings on eBay. 

So Short Post and Song is staying put, at least for now.

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