Sunday, March 23, 2014

Short Post and a Song #67: Profound green beans and rainforest cottage cheese.

Making dinner with Marcus Danuelson:

Penne ala Danka: What do you think about putting some maple honey mustard into the green beans almondine?

Me: I think the texture might be weird.

Flourless Danlate Cake: No, it'll be good, you'll see. (Pauses, then whispers,) This is Chopped

Me: Aarón Sánchez will be like, "Your use of the mustard with the green beans was very profound."

Chicken Dansala: Someday Aarón Sánchez is gonna be like, "The rhythm of your cream cheese was rainforest."

Me: I would love it if he eventually got so vague that he just started using random words that made no sense whatsoever.

Eggplant Danigiana: I was thinking the same thing.


"On the Bus Mall" by the Decemberists

This song always makes me sigh in a happy sort of way. It's another soundtrack song for me; it should be in the background of a group of friends driving in a convertible through beautiful scenery. 

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