Saturday, March 10, 2012

I think Twitter knew I was undecided, so it sent Neil Gaiman and Jenny Lawson to fight for my vote. Also this isn’t a real post.

Okay, so, I’m hoping you trust me after last time. But just in case, here’s some super-tiny, hard-to-read proof:

And closer up:


As you regular readers know—or rather people who have read the previous seven posts since this blog isn’t old enough to have regular readers—I’m kind of lukewarm about Twitter. For one, I don’t think I’m concisely funny enough for it. Hanging out on the homepage is also a quick way to lose about five hours. With constant content coming in from all sides, it can be a little overwhelming.

And I just feel kind of smarmy calling anyone my follower. Fan sounds nicer, and doesn’t make me feel like I should be passing out cyber-cups of Kool-aid.

But within one week, I got tiny but precious bits of acknowledgement from two of my favorite writers in the entire world. They read words that I wrote, and liked them enough that they thought other people should read them too.

Even I’ve got to admit that’s pretty damned cool.

I’ll put up a real post tomorrow. It may even be about writing for once. Remember when I said this blog would be about writing? 

Well, good. Clearly I don’t either.


  1. Twitter won me over for much the same reason, that is staying in contact with people I admire and genuinely follow. However, tweeting is also starting to become a fun challenge. I have to make the most of those 140 characters and be witty, informative or clever.

    1. I get what you mean. Conciseness has been a challenge throughout my writerly career--Twitter may be able to lend me a hand in getting better at it.

  2. Been on Twitter for about a week and a half, and other than the problem with the concise thing (What the hell is a "word limit". This. This thing right here at the top of the essay guidelines. What IS that? ... I can't do what? Sorry. Still not getting it. etc.), I find myself sweating the follower count. Silly, I know, but someone unfollowed me over the weekend 'cause I didn't reply to a personal message right away, and I was a little sad. Not a lot sad, but a bit. Can't imagine Stephen Fry worries all that much when one of his bajillion followers disappears.

    P.S. I may not be Neil or that lady with the wind tunnel experiment in her hair, but I am also willing to declare publicly -- on Twitter, even -- that I like your blog posts.

    1. Ugh, yeah, follower count is an easy thing to get stressed about. But considering I have so few friends who actually use Twitter, I just try to get excited about the new ones and not too bummed about the ones who leave.

      Aw, and I'm so grateful for every one of you who takes the time to read this blog. That has been one other big perk of Twitter--it's been a good way to let you guys know about new posts and such.

      P.S. Wind tunnel lady is the Bloggess, and you won't think my blog is anything to get excited about after you read hers.