Sunday, February 19, 2012

For the record, I don’t really think the Knights of the Round Table were losers. It’s called acting, people.

If you’re an agent I’ve queried, then: Hello, good sir! I was about to say or ma’am since I queried both men and women. But as a lady, I think I’d rather be called “sir.” People say good sir all the time but you never hear anyone saying good ma’am. It’s depressing.

I’m currently submitting my young-adult dystopian novel, Renaissance Lab, to agents and am (im)patiently waiting to hear back. As implied above, agents tend to Google the writers they have any interest in working with. Do you know what comes up first when you Google “Jillian Karger?” A video of my twenty-year-old self performing a passage of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight for my Acting Medieval Literature class at NYU.

If you’re curious about what we did in Acting Medieval Literature, it’s exactly like it sounds. We memorized chunks of medieval stories and performed them as storytellers of the time would have. It was possibly the most impractical class that has ever existed. It was also utterly fascinating and a total blast. Hardly any of us were good enough actors to pull off being serious medieval storytellers, so most of us played our pieces for laughs.

Now this video does a few good things. It proves I really did go to NYU, in case any agents thought I was lying about that. And it shows I won’t melt into a puddle of nerves if I ever have to do readings of my work. But do I really want agents’ first impression of me to be me fake coughing and calling the Knights of the Round Table “losers?”

Probably not. It’s better if they find a blog in which I write about fake coughing and calling the Knights of the Round Table “losers.” Then they’ll probably look up the video anyway because I’ve spent such a big portion of my first blog post talking about it.

I’ll try to post here every week or so, maybe more. I’ll be writing mostly about writing and books, and a bit about TV and movies. Sometimes you’ll have to endure my attempts at humorous anecdotes. I get mad at the weather and other intangible/inanimate objects on a daily basis, so most of them will probably be about that.

Stop by next time, when I’ll be talking a bit more about Renaissance Lab. There may even be an excerpt in it for you.


  1. I'm so glad this exists! Love your blog's background!

  2. I've sort of figured this out! Looking forward to news about RL.

    1. Thanks! You'll definitely be partially responsible if it goes anywhere, thanks to those mad proofreading skills.

  3. Dear Jillian,
    I am heretofore stalking you. And by that I mean that I have stuck your blog in my list of Lawsbian blogs and I am reading it from the start and I will leave random comments at random times because I do not own internet in my home so I have to do this on the fly. Granted, my stalking is ineffective and probably not very threatening, made even less so by the fact I outed myself, but I wanted you to be aware because knowledge is power. And stuff.
    Thank you.

    1. Erica,

      Awww thanks for all the comments, doll! I am honored to be stalked by one as Lawsome as yourself :)